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What Kind of Friend are YOU? The Overzealous Updater – This is the friend who can’t go half a day without sharing What’s On His Mind. Honestly people. We really don’t need to know that you’ve just had your second shower of the day. For that matter, we didn’t need to hear about the first […]

Etch-it Party Cups

Apple Files Patent for OS Embedded Advertising It appears Apple may beat Google to this playing fields. Sorry Apple not sure if I like the direction you’re heading…. “The operating system is configured to present one or more of the advertisements to users of the computer device. In some implementations, the operating system can disable […]

10 Movie Drunks We Want to Share a Pint With –

14 Application Cheat Sheets & Posters for Popular Programs

Laptops keep getting thinner and lighter, but some concept laptops take portable to a new level. It consists of an OLED display that can start as a rolled-up mat and deploy as a multi-touch 17-inch laptop. The laptop can also transform into a tablet PC operable with a stylus, or become a standup flat screen […]

30 Stunning Apple Concept Designs Yet more beautiful creations by Apple….