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Surprised? I am too.  As soon as the idea of a tablet computer made by Apple hit the rumor mill, I was psyched. Wednesday that rumor turned reality when Steve Jobs introduced the iPad tablet at MacWorld. Sure it looks awesome and it would be a sweet accessory to wear. But when you take away […]

Where self promoting tweets get the attention they deserve! Tired of people posting nothing but pretentious tweets about themselves? Give them the recognition they deserve at Tweeting Too Hard.

Without a doubt,  Audiko is the best site available to download ringtones. It’s free too! Not only can you assign custom ringtones to each contact without breaking the bank, your options are tremendous! To start, enter a song into the search box then choose which fragment to download to your computer. Can’t find the song […]

I really can’t say enough great things about this app. It’s the best 99 cents I’ve EVER Spent! If you have both an Apple computer and an iPhone, this is the app gives you perfect control over lots of popular applications such as Firefox, Safari, iPhoto, DVD player, and so much more. You can also […]

AWESOME QUOTES FROM MY FAVS I’ve dealt with the jokes and sarcastic iPhone comments to bring you a list of 60 or so funny quotes said by some of my favorite people throughout 2009. Some of the quotes are inside jokes and others are just damn right funny. For me, some quotes bring back some […]

Today, I’ve launched which is a site I created to compliment my resume and showcase my work. I encourage you to share this site as well as my resume with your friends and colleagues. I needed a new job yesterday but I’m more than willing to take one tomorrow, especially if it puts me […]

To my friends who received a shinny new iPhone for Christmas, this posts for you! After you’ve exhausted yourself with the obvious apps such as Facebook, Pandora and YouTube, pop open the App Store and customize your new toy. Some apps are useless and others are buggy, but there are many that make the whole […]

Movies. TV Shows. Music. Videos. OVGuide is a mecca of online entertainment; a portal that links to the best video sources on the web. Use to browse online video sites by category, or use the search engine to find exactly the movie, show, news broadcast, sporting events, etc. you are looking for. Safety First […]

Recently I had a conversion with a friend about her secret to getting things done. You could only imagine my surprise when she credited Jerry Seinfeld. Obviously I couldn’t turn down the chance to hear more. Here’s the sorry as it was told to me. Some day, some time ago Jerry Seinfeld gave an up-and-coming […]