Faster, Better, Smarter I Mac Timesavers


Anything you can do, I can do better. In today’s post I bring you my top tricks to improve your Mac life. The following tips begin a multi-part series that offers ways to speed up everyday tasks. It’s simple too! Mac OS makes it obvious what buttons you need to push. Take a peek of what’s ahead of you.


Don’t: Think keyboard shortcut are the only way to speed up your work.

Do: Customize the toolbars in Finder and Apple Apps such as Main and Safari. Go to View > Customize Toolbar, then drag the icons for your favorite features into positions. It’s almost like programming you own app.

Tip 1: Add icons to the toolbars in Finder for your most-used options.


Don’t: Perform actions on multiple items indivually when you can do them all at the same time.

Do: In the Finder, you can select multiple folders by holding down the cmd key while clicking, then expand them all to reveal their contents by pressing the right curser key (often the Ctrl key). Files can also be selected in the same way.


Don’t: Navigate manually to your favorite folders every time.

Do: Use the sidebar at the left of every finder window. (If you don’t see it, click View > Show View Options). Drag any folder into thr area under Places to keep it there. You’re only dragging a Shortcut: the folder itsef doesnt move. To remove it, simply drag it off the sidebar.

Part 2: Up Your Login Items, Switching Applications, Customizing Spotlight to Do The Work


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