More Mac Timesavers I Part 2


This post is a continuation of Faster, Smarter, Better I Mac Timesavers. Below you will find three more tips to make your computing life easier, by helping you accomplish everyday tasks faster. Tips include – Quick app switching, Spotlight searching, and login cleanup for faster boot time.

Dont: Go thru the Dock or Spotlight to switch to an app that’s already running.

Do: Hold down the cmd key and press the tab key to bring up the Application Switcher, which shows you the icons of of all the currently running apps in a translucent bar across the middle of the screen. Stop at the one you want and release the cmd key.

Don’t: Hunt around your Mac for the app or file you want.

Do: Use Spotlight, hit [cmd] + [spacebar] to open Spotlight, then type all or part of what you are looking for, whether it’s a filename, text, email or contact. Results appear below; use the curser keys to move through the list to select your item.

Don’t: Wait for a random selection of applications to load every time your restart your Mac.

Do: Do to System Preferences > Accounts, make sure your account is highlighted to the left, and click Login Items tab on the right. This lists the apps that will launch automatically when you start up or login. Clicked items will load without displaying anything, which unclicked items will be seen during the startup process and may leave windows open. You can remove an item from the list by selecting it and clicking the minus button below. Don’t get rid of anything that other software may rely on – such as iTunes Helper, or Microsoft Database if you are running Office – but feel free to kill products like Skype if you don’t use them regularly.

Next: Revealing Windows with Expose, Searching Finder, Customizing Spotlight


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