Hello, I’m Stephanie and a MacBook and iPhone control my life!

On the bright side, I’ve logged many hours following the latest trends ranging from design, computers and electronics to blogging and the “2.0” madness. Needless to say, I’m a computer geek – and with that comes a certain level of nerdiness.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and work in the Web Marketing department at Grand Canyon University. It’s tough to say where you will find me in my spare time. I strive to cross things off my Bucket List every chance I get. One thing is for sure – on Sundays during football season you could find me cheering on the best team in the NFL – the Indianapolis Colts.

Currently, I’m accepting freelance work. I encourage you to browse my portfolio website; and if you like what you see, contact me about your next project.

How to use this blog:

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  • Check back often, as I post new content daily.

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