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Make Your Summers Last Forever Relive your summer vacation one vibrant page at a time. With iPhoto, you can create photo books, calenders, and cards that are truly unforgettable. Just choose a theme, then add your photos and text. When you’re done done, click to buy. Beautifully printed pieces will be delivered to your door. […]

At this point, iTunes is so much a part of our daily lives that it’s a major event every time Apple touches it. While iTunes 10 is very similar to its predecessors, it still brings some new things to the table. Most of the attention paid to iTunes 10 centers around its (generic) new icon, […]

How can I speed up iPhone backups so I’ll never have to cancel mid-backup again? They seem to take forever when a couple minutes really should do it. A. First off, keep your iOS software current. Not only will the latest updates squash bugs and add features, they can improve backup times. To update, sync […]

Anything you can do, I can do better. In today’s post I bring you my top tricks to improve your Mac life. The following tips begin a multi-part series that offers ways to speed up everyday tasks. It’s simple too! Mac OS makes it obvious what buttons you need to push. Take a peek of what’s […]

The World Cup has started – 32 countries from around the globe are competing for the world’s most prestigious trophy – the FIFA World Cup. Sure, the match times are inconvenient. USA plays tomorrow at 9:30 am – that’s 6:30 am on the west coast! Not a morning person, use this app to stay up-to-date, […]

CleanMyMac can save gigabytes of disk space and enhance your computer speed. CleanMyMac represents sophisticated all-in-one-suite utility that helps keep your Mac clean and healthy. With just two simple clicks you can delete useless files that basically pile up and waste your valuable disk space. Essentially this application allows you to enjoy smooth system performance […]