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This post is a continuation of Faster, Smarter, Better I Mac Timesavers. Below you will find three more tips to make your computing life easier, by helping you accomplish everyday tasks faster. Tips include – Quick app switching, Spotlight searching, and login cleanup for faster boot time. Advertisements

Google chat has been extremely popular, but even more popular is the completely FREE videochat in Google through Gmail! This article will show you QUICKLY how to setup and have a Google video chat in Gmail. Things You’ll Need: – Computer with Internet Connection – You and your friend both have installed and working webcams – […]

Surprised? I am too.  As soon as the idea of a tablet computer made by Apple hit the rumor mill, I was psyched. Wednesday that rumor turned reality when Steve Jobs introduced the iPad tablet at MacWorld. Sure it looks awesome and it would be a sweet accessory to wear. But when you take away […]

I really can’t say enough great things about this app. It’s the best 99 cents I’ve EVER Spent! If you have both an Apple computer and an iPhone, this is the app gives you perfect control over lots of popular applications such as Firefox, Safari, iPhoto, DVD player, and so much more. You can also […]

I’m writing this post to my family and friends, and to answer an often asked question – “how do I connect my computer to my TV?” Click here to learn how.

Apple Files Patent for OS Embedded Advertising It appears Apple may beat Google to this playing fields. Sorry Apple not sure if I like the direction you’re heading…. “The operating system is configured to present one or more of the advertisements to users of the computer device. In some implementations, the operating system can disable […]

Laptops keep getting thinner and lighter, but some concept laptops take portable to a new level. It consists of an OLED display that can start as a rolled-up mat and deploy as a multi-touch 17-inch laptop. The laptop can also transform into a tablet PC operable with a stylus, or become a standup flat screen […]

30 Stunning Apple Concept Designs Yet more beautiful creations by Apple….